Monday, December 7, 2009


Watch and be thankful.

This is a good reminder to us that "chance," "luck," and "fate" do not exist. Anything good in life comes strictly from God in His amazing grace, mercy, and providence.


Anonymous said...

This reminds me of the time God spared my life and possibly someone I will never know. A couple years ago, on my way home from visiting my sister, I was driving down Courthouse Road in Effingham County. It was nighttime, quiet, very dark, and I was driving down a particular stretch of road that was a monotonous, long straightaway. I had succumbed to road hypnosis and I was approaching the 2 way stop at McCall Road at 55mph. By the time I regained full awareness of what was going on, it was too late. I didn't notice the stop sign until it was a few yards in front of me. There was no time to brake or react. I entered the intersection still going 55mph. The higher embankment of McCall road, at that speed, acted as a ramp and my truck became airborne. The next thing I saw was headlights. They belonged to another white full size pickup truck, significantly larger than mine. The other truck, having no stop sign, naturally was travelling at full speed ahead. As I literally flew through the intersection, all I could do was watch the other truck go by, clearing the intersection a mere split second before I did. I'm certain that I came within 2 bumper lengths of hitting the other truck, it was that close. But it wasn't over yet. Next was the landing. Miraculously, my truck landed on all 4 wheels in a single jolt. I immediately stomped on the brakes. Big mistake. I must have had my wheels turned just enough because my truck began to violently fish-tail. So violently in fact that it felt like my truck was threatening to roll over. But I didn't roll. The fish-tail ended and my truck came to a stop. I survived without a scratch on me or my truck. This was nothing short of a miracle. I have no doubt that God's hand intervened and saved 2 lives that night. I just sat there for a moment and waited for my hands to stop shaking and my heart-rate to return to normal. And then I bowed my head a thanked God for His mercy. And for the rest of the drive home and for the next couple days, that's all I could think about: His Sovereign Mercy. Praise be to God.

Eric said...


Wow! Praise the Lord! I'm not sure what else to say.