Thursday, December 17, 2009

On Marrying an Avatar

Either we have a source of authority or we do not.

For followers of Christ, that source of authority is the bible.

For those who do not know Christ, there really is no objective authority. All decisions are based on subjectivism, feelings of the moment, personal preference, and what that individual thinks "is right for me." This completely subjective morality extends to all areas of life - even marriage. When biblical restraints are rejected, anything becomes possible and even probable. Our world is now quickly embracing the gay lifestyle as not just normal but preferable. Logically, if gays can marry, then anyone can. People can even marry non-people. People can even marry avatars. Wow.


Alan Knox said...

I realize that this is a small point... but actually our authority is God himself. Scripture is authoritative because we believe that God speaks through what is written. Thus, Scripture's authority is derived from God's authority.


Eric said...


Good point. I agree. I suppose I emphasized the bible because so many people today (who claim to be Christians) say that God has blessed what they are doing (for example gay marriage) even though the bible clearly speaks against it.

Barbara said...

Reminds me of the woman who "married" a dolphin a few years back.,2933,180478,00.html

Insanity. And notice that such "marriages" are strictly one-sided, when you marry a non-person, no consent is required. No hassles, no compromise, no work, no sacrifice.

Eric said...


I agree. Marriage requires work, and these folks don't want any part of that.