Monday, December 7, 2009

My Ten Favorite Blogs - #1

#1 - Dave Black Online

(Dave is probably not going to be thrilled about being #1.)

First, a little background: in the fall of 2005 I took a Greek class (exegesis of the book of Mark) from Dr. Black. During that class, I came to respect him a great deal. He genuinely cares about his students - both their academic knowledge and spiritual growth.

I like his blog because (in no particular order):

-He has an amazing wife who is suffering gracefully with cancer (I know he will agree with me about this.)

-He is a real farmer.

-He believes in the importance of missionary work and lives this out by going to Ethiopia a few times per year.

-He admires Robert E. Lee.

-He blogs about a wide range of topics.

-He was born in Hawaii.

-He strives to live out his Christian faith and blogs about this.

-He and his wife write excellent essays.

-He holds to biblical ecclesiology.

-He blogs frequently.

-He did his doctoral work in Switzerland (in German!).

-He posts cool photos.

-He is a constitutionalist.

-He writes lots of good books.

-He believes adolescence is a myth.

-He is a first-rate Greek scholar but remains humble.


Arthur Sido said...

Dr. Black is always a challenging read. Don't always agree but I am always challenged. I do wish he would use a different blog format so I can link to his posts more easily (hint, hint!)

Eric said...


I agree. Dr. Black is challenging to me in both his writing and in his life. He lives what he says.

As for his format, I also wish we could link more easily to it. Maybe he will read these comments. We can hope.