Saturday, December 5, 2009

My Ten Favorite Blogs - #2

#2 - Albert Mohler

I respect Dr. Albert Mohler because of his stand for the truth of the scriptures and for his excellent leadership as president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He has taken SBTS from the verge of theological liberalism to solid Christian orthodoxy. As a bonus, he is a Calvinist.

I don't read Dr. Mohler's blog for the above reasons. I read his blog because it is, quite simply, the best blog on the interaction between culture and Christianity.

Dr. Mohler somehow finds time to research and write about moral/ethical issues that face us all. In particular, Dr. Mohler focuses upon what the bible has to say about these issues. Most of the time, he discusses topics where the secular culture has moved in one direction while the church must stand in the other.

Dr. Mohler is the most talented "Christian cultural exegete" that I have ever read. He is my source of news on the secular culture. He also keeps me up-to-date on where the church stands on various issues.

I enjoy Dr. Mohler's consistency and unfailing adherence to scriptural authority. If you want to know what is happening and how we - as Christians - should respond, then read this blog.

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