Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My Ten Favorite Blogs - #6

#6 - The Assembling of the Church

I always have one of two reactions to my friend Alan's blog: either "Yes!" or "Arrgh!" The reason for this is that Alan's blog is very challenging. In particular, it is challenging to what we usually think the church is, what the church should be, and how the church should function.

I'll say up-front that I do not always agree with Alan. Despite this, I appreciate his desire to be biblical as he discusses the church. He displays a sort of courageous humility in being willing to ask hard questions about anything and everything church-related.

This blog is unique in that Alan designs it to be a discussion. He asks and invites questions. He then answers the questions. I remember a post from a few years ago that (I think) focused on unity and "second-order" doctrines. That post received over 100 comments.

If you want to remain comfortable in the way you think about the church, then do not read this blog. If you are up for a frank discussion about what the bible has to say about church life, then click here.


Alan Knox said...

Thanks, Eric!

Eric said...


There was some sort of "glitch" and your comment didn't post.

Anyway, thanks for your blog. It doesn't make me comfortable, but it does make me think.