Thursday, December 3, 2009

My Ten Favorite Blogs - #4

A warning to all readers: I am an unashamed young earth creationist. There, I said it. Because of this, I fall in lock-step with Answers in Genesis (AIG).

AIG is one of my favorite blogs because the author, Ken Ham, writes about creation from a biblical perspective. He believes that Genesis 1-2 are literally true and discusses this. He is deeply concerned (as am I) that so many Christians have given in to evolutionary ideas in regards to creation. Ham writes with a very obvious apologetic flavor.

Ham is a courageous man. He is absolutely hated by many in the atheist/evolutionist camp. There is even a website named No Answers in Genesis that tries to refute and/or make fun of AIG is particular and biblical creationists in general.

I appreciate the fact that Ham puts-his-money-where-his-mouth-is. As head of AIG, Ham takes the most responsibility and criticism (by atheists, etc.) for the creation museum. Most of the negative press amounts to little more than unfair name-calling. Ham takes hit after hit after hit.

Ham responds to some of the more ridiculous attacks on the AIG blog. For the most part, however, he discusses creation related issues and writes about folks who attend the museum.

I respect Ham a great deal and therefore enjoy his blog.

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