Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Ten Favorite Blogs - #5

#5 -

Tim Challies is known as one of the uber-bloggers of the evangelical world. Challies seemingly blogs every day no matter what. I guess there are a few small bonuses to being a web designer.

If you polled a large number of evangelicals in the USA and Canada (Tim is from north of the border), you would find this blog to be near the top of almost everyone's "favorite blogs" list.

One of the best aspects of this blog is that Tim is a very good writer. It's that simple. His style is conversational, which makes him very pleasant to read.

Tim is also real. He writes about how he thinks and feels regarding a wide range of issues. His experiences seem to mirror those of many of his readers. Because of the way he writes, you feel like you know him even though you probably don't (I saw him once at a conference - oooooooh!).

Additionally, Tim knows his bible well. He is a solid theologian. As he writes, Tim discusses theology as it relates to cultural issues. He is not shy about addressing difficult issues either. Just look at his blog to see the topics he has discussed.

This is a very solid blog. Tim is not funky or exciting, but his writing is very readable, enjoyable, and edifying.

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