Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What Does the Term "Evangelical" Mean Anymore?

I realize that the above question has been asked and answered many times before now. This is nothing new. Regardless, this is a real issue for me. I am occasionally asked by other people if I am an evangelical. I've found that the safest and most accurate answer to that question is, "That depends on what you mean by the word evangelical."

This is an important term because , like it or not, our American culture equates biblical Christianity with evangelicalism.

I plan to write on this issue over the next few days. However, before I do so I would like to hear from you. What do you think the term evangelical means?


Anonymous said...

Evangelism literally means "good news" or "a reward for good news" (it's better in Koine). We know that the "good news" is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Therefor, to be evangelical means to be one who is actively preaching the Gospel, especially to the lost. Faith comes by hearing. There can be no hearing without the preaching of the Gospel.

Eric said...


Thanks for the input. I appreciate your adherence to the original language. Good answer.