Friday, December 11, 2009

Speaking about India at Jasper Springs

On Wednesday night, Alice and I had a wonderful time speaking with the church family of Jasper Springs Baptist Church in Garden City, GA (about 20 minutes from our home). Our focus was the desperate need for increased international missions in India. As part of our presentation, we showed some photos from our time there. India is a country of architectural and natural beauty. It also has many animals to keep things interesting. The main thing that stands out in India, however, is the many, many, many people (over 1 billion). Sadly, most Indians do not know Jesus Christ as Lord; India is less than 3% Christian. Several of the photos below show Hindus worshiping in one way or another. The final few photos show an Islamic mosque, Muslims at prayer, and a Buddhist monk. We all still have much gospel work to do.

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