Friday, December 11, 2009

What's Wrong with These Pictures?

What's wrong? Answer: All of these pictures imply a very unhealthy union between Christianity and the United States of America. In the scope of history, whenever Christianity unites with the state (any state), it is Christianity that suffers. Let us reject any notion of a link between "God and country." As followers of Jesus, our citizenship is in heaven. While here, we are exiles.


Arthur Sido said...

Um, a blurring of the Gospel, patriotism and militarism?

Anonymous said...

Now I'm convicted that I need to take the American Patriot's Bible off my Amazon Wish List. :)

Eric said...


Good answer! That's the mess we face in our "Christian nation."

Eric said...


I think I just received a Lifeway flyer that had the Americans Patriot's Bible in it. Yuck.