Monday, December 21, 2009

Barna's Year-in-Review Not Very Encouraging

Three themes from pollster George Barna's Year-in-Review are not encouraging. In light of what we see in society at large and in the church in particular, these themes are not surprising either.

The three themes:

Theme 1: Increasingly, Americans are more interested in faith and spirituality than in Christianity.

Theme 2: Faith in the American context is now individual and customized. Americans are comfortable with an altered spiritual experience as long as they can participate in the shaping of that faith experience.

Theme 3: Biblical literacy is neither a current reality nor a goal in the U.S.

In looking at these numbers, it is clear that a connection exists between biblical illiteracy and the "create-your-own-religion" experience that is occurring in our society. As followers of Jesus, we should take these numbers as a wake up call. We have a responsibility to share the good news of Christ as the bible teaches it. We are not effectively getting that great message across to the public at large.

It is true that the gospel is offensive. However, it appears that many people are rejecting it because they do not understand it. Why don't they understand it? They don't know what the bible even says about it. That's why we must continue to share the wonderful message of Christ crucified.

Read the entire Barna article here.

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