Thursday, December 17, 2009

Western Influence, Islam, and TV Preaching

Click here to read a fascinating article that shows how the West (for better or probably worse) is influencing Islam. Who knew the world now has Islamic televangelists?

According to the article, "Amr Khaled's unique brand of Muslim preaching has made him one of the most popular preachers in the world. Such is his appeal, he was recently named the 13th most influential person in the world by Time Magazine. In Cairo, his DVDs stand on the top shelves reserved for best sellers in the Virgin record store, next to Bruce Willis and Charlie Chaplin. His controversial style, comparable to the almost rock star approach of some of America's Christian evangelists, has drawn criticism from the religious establishment and he has moved away from his native Egypt. Ironically, thanks to the proliferation of satellite channels, he is now able to reach far greater numbers than he could have ever done had his message remained within the confines of a mosque or a lecture hall."

Quite frankly, this article should sadden us. We must pray, hope, and work so that Christ's gospel, not modern technology, is what has the greatest impact on the Islamic world.

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