Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Troubled by Blogging Arrogance

Blogs are a great place to air our opinions and engage in discussion and even debate. I enjoy blogging because it helps me synthesize what I am thinking and because I learn a great deal from what other people think.

I have to admit, however, that I am growing increasingly tired of what I'll refer to as "blogging arrogance." In particular, I'm tired of Christian bloggers who display a great deal of arrogance in their writing. I'm referring to those who write as if they are the select ones who have figured everything out. The rest of us, apparently, remain in the dark.

These bloggers usually discuss issues secondary to the gospel that have been debated for years (the truth of the gospel itself is not up for debate). Instead of issuing opinions, they state what they believe as if it is fact. Other opinions/positions are mocked and even ridiculed.

I'm referring to topics such as the end times, the church, God's sovereignty/man's responsibility, the ordinances/sacraments, worship style, etc.

We can all fall prey to the "blogging arrogance" problem. I'll admit that I've done it myself. It is so easy to move from writing that is mutually beneficial to writing that is designed to stroke our own egos and allow us to think that we have "one-upped" somebody else.

Let us all strive for humility in all aspects of life - including blogging.


Anonymous said...

I believe your problem stems from a failure to adopt a supralapsarian view of God's decree. I say this because if you did have such an understanding you would more humbly embrace your depravity in spirit apart from God's grace. Do us all a favor a read your Bible like a Berean.

Shannon said...

Good one, Eric.
I've become frustrated with the way blogging/twitter/facebook have become the grounds for self promotion. Humility is a scarcity all too often...even in my own life.

Eric said...


Ha-ha. I love those Bereans.

Eric said...


I struggle with humility myself. We probably all love ourselves far too much.

Aussie John said...


I'm reminded of a young man who began coming to one of our Bible Studies. He professed to be a new believer. Within a few weeks he was bringing a small suitcase filled with commentaries, dictionaries etc., some rather questionable from a doctrinal point of view. He vigorously used these books and challenged almost everything anyone ventured to say.

During our times of prayer he would begin by praying,"Lord! Thank you for making me so humble!" Hmmmnn!

Eric said...



It is so easy to slip into arrogance.