Thursday, November 5, 2009

Goliath Beats David

Last night Goliath beat David. It is a sad story.

The New York Yankees (Goliath) and their $200 million payroll beat my beloved Philadelphia Phillies (David) in the World Series. The Yankees won four games to two.

The trouble is that the Yankees, like Goliath, represent all that is wrong with our world (I'll admit - this is a bit of an overstatement). The Phillies, meanwhile, are a likable group of players whose payroll is about %50 of New Yorks'.

It is hard to watch evil defeat good - especially when the good team is your favorite team (and has been for 35 years).

At least there is next year. Go Phillies!


Alan Knox said...

To paraphrase a blog post that I read yesterday: "I am thrilled to say that I am purposely completely ignorant about what is happening in professional sports." ;)


Eric said...


Ironically, I suppose, I didn't watch any of the series on TV.