Thursday, November 5, 2009

"Christian Archy" is in the Mail

Yesterday I ordered my copy of Christian Archy. I just received notice that it has been shipped.

I have been looking forward to this book by Dave Black for some time. His books always challenge me. Quite frankly, they often make me uncomfortable. However, since this is a good place to be as a Christian, I've ordered my copy of this book right away.

The publisher of this book says this about it, "In Christian Archy, Dr. David Alan Black examines the New Testament to find the truly radical and all-encompassing claims of God's kingdom. In doing so, he discovers that the character of this kingdom is widely different from what is commonly contemplated today. Its glory is revealed only through suffering — a point that Jesus' disciples, then and now, have been slow to understand. This truth has tremendous implications for church life. The kingdom of God is in no way imperialistic. It has no political ambitions. It conquers not by force but by love. It is this humble characteristic of the kingdom that is a stumbling block to so many today. Christ's claim to our total allegiance is one we seek to avoid at all costs. But there is only one way to victory and peace, and that way is the way of the Lamb."

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