Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Ten Favorite Blogs - #8

#8 - Between the Times

BTT is an excellent blog that is published by Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (where I went to school).

At first, the thought of reading a seminary blog may seem as exciting as watching the grass grow. However, this blog is much more than just dense theological discussions and debate. BTT deals with real-world issues. For example, the writers have recently addressed the salvation of infants, how to prepare for corporate worship, and gospel-centered missions.

One thing I really like about this blog is that the writers, who are all Southern Baptists, frequently challenge the typical Southern Baptist status-quo. This is refreshing.

Another bonus to BTT is that the contributers are genuinely good writers. They do a good job of engaging difficult issues in a manner that makes you want to read what they have to say. On top of this, there is a spirit of humility to BTT that is, I believe, God-honoring.

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