Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happily Ignorant about T.V.

I frequently hear people passionately discussing what is happening on the latest T.V. shows. They talk about the characters, the plot lines, and the relationships. They also try to figure out how they can fit the new shows into their already busy schedules.

I am thrilled to say that I am purposely completely ignorant about what is happening on T.V. Ever since we made the decision last spring to rid ourselves of T.V., we have felt freed from its clutches. We no longer find ourselves feeling like slaves to the scheduling folks at the networks.

Let me be clear: we do own a T.V. However, we have no cable subscription and don't even try to pick anything up through any sort of antennae (can you still even do that?). Instead, we have a number of movies and documentaries that we watch occasionally. We also check out films from the local library. This allows Alice and me to screen everything our kids watch. We no longer find ourselves feverishly diving for the remote control when something unexpected and inappropriate comes on the T.V.

As for the news, we check it out several times per day on the internet. So far we haven't missed out on anything substantial.

There is a saying that is sometimes true: "Ignorance is bliss." That's how we feel.

An additional bonus to all this is that we have more time to read and spend together as a family.

I strongly encourage you to get rid of you T.V. subscription. It may hurt a bit at first as you experience withdrawal, but you will never regret it.


Shannon said...

When Lee and I were first married, we chose to spend our first year without a t.v. It was good for us (mostly good for me).
I like having control over what to watch, when to watch, without worrying about commercials. I need that control in order to practice putting noble, good, and true things into my mind to think about THOSE things rather than the opposite.
Good challenge.

Eric said...


It was difficult for me to give up watching sports. In the end, it was worth it.