Monday, November 16, 2009

Take a Look at BBC News

As Americans, we tend to look at news reports that are almost all "America-focused." Even when the reports are about something that is happening in another part of the world, the lens through which the report is made is the American lens.

It is refreshing to look at international news from a different perspective. In order to get outside the USA-bubble, I like to look at BBC News. The BBC does a good job of reporting what is happening around the world - and they don't see through an America-focused lens. I certainly don't agree with everything the BBC says, but that is to be expected from any news agency.

Another bonus to BBC coverage is that the BBC is not embroiled in the current culture war news programming that we have in the USA. You know how it goes: if you want the Republican/conservative slant, you go to Fox News or the Drudge Report. If you want the Democratic/liberal slant, you go to the news affiliates at CNN, CBS, ABC, or especially MSNBC.

The BBC is by no means objective (who can be?), but it does look at the happenings around the globe through what I believe is a wider lens. Since the world does not revolve around the USA, we should look for news from a broader perspective.

Final bonus: when we read about news from other countries, we can get a feel for the need for the gospel in those places. We are reminded that the citizens of other countries have far less than we do here - both in terms of physical possessions and access to the gospel.

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