Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thankful for a Little Work

As most of you know, I resigned from a salaried pastoral position on October 31st (my own sort of Reformation Day). Since that time I have been without work. Alice and I are extremely grateful to the Chevis Oaks Baptist Church family for supporting us financially during November and December.

I'm happy to say that I now have a little work to do. The Lord has provided some janitorial work for me in the evenings at a local daycare facility. Basically I sweep and mop a cafeteria, kitchen, hallway, and bathrooms for 3.5 hours per night. It is nothing special by the world's standards, but it is real work. The pay is not much (certainly not enough to support a family), but it is something that will help.

I have no doubt that the Lord has provided this for me. A man who I hardly know called me a few weeks ago and simply offered me the job. I didn't pursue it at all. In fact, everything that I have pursued so far has yielded a big nada.

It was really nice last night to do some real work. For a long time I had very conflicted feelings about receiving a salary in exchange for preparing and preaching sermons, visiting the sick and elderly, etc. Last night as I pushed a mop over a Cheerio-encrusted floor, I had no such feelings of compromise. It was honest work, and I'm grateful for that.

This part-time position obviously is not sufficient to support my family for the long-term. The reality is that I need a full-time job by the new year (at least by my thinking). I would appreciate your prayers about this. I know that God will provide because He says He will. However, His provision is often different (and always wiser) than ours. In light of that, please pray for discernment, patience, and contentment in Christ.

As for today, I'm looking forward to sweeping and mopping some more. I could do without changing the diaper-filled trash cans, but that's part of the job. My shoulders hurt a bit, too; maybe I'll lose a little weight while I'm at it.

Thank you for your prayers.


Aussie John said...


As you have shown that you are well aware, that, as one who is justified, your sanctification depends on our great God. As He has begun a work of grace in you, you may depend on His great faithfulness to bring this to completion, as, in the same way, you may trust Him to make provision for you and yours.

My wife and I can attest to that!

Eric said...


Thank you. I appreciate your encouragement.

John Mureiko said...

Your testimony is very encouraging to me. Thank you for your willingness to seek the Lord in everything. I'll be praying that you find work or that work finds you! We serve a loving God who clothes lilies and takes care of His children. He will never forsake you brother.

Eric said...


Thank you so much for your kind words. I appreciate it very much.

This is certainly a difficult time for our family. I'd like to say that I'm counting it all joy, but I fail many times to do that. Thanks for the reminder from Matthew 6. I've been reading that passage a lot lately.

You are right that God is faithful. He will see us through it.

Thanks again. God bless.

Mark said...


Congratulations on the first break in what will be a phenomenal show of God's power. This past few months I have been more and more cognizant of the kingdom, and God's purpose in the earth. As I have become more aware of His kingdom, and my part to play in that, I am much more able to see why He would make mountains move in my life the way He did for His people in the OT. I recently read the book of Habakkuk for the first time, and found some real encouragement there. You are living by faith, my brother, and that is how He wants us to live, and He will honor that. I find myself, as I have shared before, in a similar situation to you, having given up a steady income because I felt it was hindering my walk of faith. Unlike you I did not give up ALL my income, but enough that I am feeling the effects of that as we speak. The Lord has been gracious to help me stand in the faith I had when I made my move in the first place, and has strengthened it and brought me to even greater understanding of His grace, goodness and power. I want to continue offering encouragement to you, because I KNOW He will provide for you, because you have proven yourself faithful and obedient to His call. The Lord's blessings on you, brother! You are in my prayers. He WILL NOT let you fail!


Eric said...


Thanks so much for your example and kind words of encouragement. You are correct that God will take care of us. I wish I was more faithful in believing that. I'm sure glad He is a God of great grace. Please continue to pray. God bless.