Sunday, November 7, 2010

New House Church Page

This is not exactly headline news, but I've added a new page near the top of my blog entitled House Church. Because house church life has become a focus on mine lately and because we are beginning to gather as a house church, I've decided to add a page where I'll be able to concentrate on that subject. All the blog posts will still end up on the main blog page, but the House Church page will allow people to go there to concentrate specifically on the topic of house church.

For clarification purposes, when I use the term "house church," I'm referring not so much to the location of gatherings, but rather the broader idea of following the biblical model in all of church life. Other terms that I use interchangeably with house church are "simple church" and "organic church."


Jonathan said...

Glad to hear whenever God is prompting others to think this stuff through. Looking forward to reading what God is teaching you in these matters.

Of the terms house church, simple church, organic church, I think my preference is simple church.

House church gives me the idea that its small building church rather than big building church. I know that's not what you are saying, but that's what the term can sounds like.

Organic church sounds like we are trying to come up with a new term to describe a new faction in Christ's church. I love the imagery with the term, but I'm not sure if I want it used as a label.

Simple church to me has no negative slant. Just viewing church in a simpler less structured way. When we gather in a park, in a house, wherever... we are still the church. If we have a pope, bishop, priest, shepherd, preacher structuring the gathering or not... we are still Christ's church. If we have a planned liturgy, or a multitude of programs and events, or if we don't, we when we gather we are still Christ's Church.

Sorry... you just got me thinking. I think I like the term simple church best. Nothing new, nothing controversial, lets just be OK with getting back to the basics.

BTW: For now I'm trying to see the simple church that exists within the walls of a structured organized community of believers. But my longing is growing for the simple expressions of church.

But if you like the other terms better, I won't call you a heretic. :) God bless!

Eric said...


I just added you to my blog roll - looking forward to reading your thoughts.

As for terms, the one I really like the best is one I didn't mention: "biblical church." The reason I don't use this term is that folks from traditional church life get angry/upset. Therefore, it's not worth using it.

I do like the term simple church for the reasons you say. I use house church because more people are familiar with it.

Thanks for not labeling me a heretic.

I'm sure there are at least some Southern Baptist pastors who think I've lost my mind.

Arthur Sido said...


I haven't formally announced it yet but we are moving to Indiana and I found a house church group already in place. I am hoping to connect with these folks and take the next step in finding a more simple, Biblical community.

Eric said...


Congratulations! I hope things go well with your move. It sounds like you have a wonderful opportunity. I'm happy that you have already been able to find some folks to gather with. That is a huge answer to prayer. I'll look forward to reading about this on your blog in the future.