Friday, November 12, 2010


Today I turn 40 years old. I'm not really sure how I'm supposed to feel about this. Right now it doesn't seem like that big of a deal.

The older I get the more majestic and faithful I see that God is. He continues to prove His perfections to me everyday. In every aspect of life, God is constant. He is there. He is providential. He is supreme.

I am currently unemployed. Even though it can be difficult to see it at times, even my unemployment is a gift from God. It makes me depend upon Him more now than I normally do. It is drawing me closer to Christ, and in this I rejoice. Part of me hopes God soon provides me with a job and part of me hopes this lasts a while longer.

I suppose I have to come to grips with some facts about getting older. For one, my dreams of professional athletics appear to finally be finished. Unless I desire to be a quarterback who doesn't know when to retire, I've got to sacrifice this fantasy. Additionally, I have to face the fact that my children are getting older. Our eldest now works here. Our youngest is no longer elementary age. On the plus side: I haven't had to change a diaper in quite some time.

God continues to show me new things in life. Is He still doing this with you? For me, over the last few years God has opened up my eyes to a much broader, deeper picture of what He wants His church to be. I'm grateful to Jesus for this and look forward to living it out.

Despite turning 40, I don't feel old at all. In fact, I'm looking forward to spending the next few days with my son and some other Boy Scouts on a campout somewhere in South Carolina. I'm looking forward to enjoying God through being with other Christians in His creation.

I won't be blogging over the next few days. Instead, I'm going to be having fun.


Aussie John said...


What a great view you have, now that you've reached the top of the hill!

Oh,to be 40 again! On the other hand I think I'll stay near the bottom,on the downhill run, remembering!

Trust you have a happy and blessed day!

Eric said...

Thanks John!