Thursday, November 4, 2010

MacArthur Rebukes Osteen

I'm not sure when this video is from, but it is still worth watching. It's refreshing to hear the truth spoken by John MacArthur about Joel Osteen's false teaching.


Mark said...

It's about time someone called this guy on the carpet! His marketing of his religion has been sickening my heart for years, outpaced only by how sickening it is that there are probably well-intentioned people following him. A perfect example that pastors are treated more like kings in some churches, and in this place the son replaced the father as king of that church. How sad.

Eric said...


It is so sad that this false teacher - Osteen - of a false gospel has deceived so many people. I'm stunned and saddened by how many people attend his "church." When people don't know the bible, I guess they will believe almost anything.