Sunday, April 4, 2010

Walking Savannah in Photos

My daughter (Mary) and I walked through all of Savannah's historic district yesterday. We focused on the city's 24 squares. It was a lot of fun as we enjoyed the architecture, trees, flowers, and statues. These photos that I took provide a feel for our wonderful Southern city.


Les Puryear said...

Savannah looks like a beautiful city. I hope to visit there some day.


Sonny Davis said...

Great pictures, Eric. My family and I live 3 1/2 hours away in Valdosta and we enjoy the occasional weekend trip to Savannah. As old as the city itself is, it never gets old to us.


Eric said...


It is certainly worth the trip. I thank God for letting me live here.

Eric said...


It really is an amazing place. I find something new to see every time I visit the historic district.

Graham Pointer said...

As a Methodist, I liked the photo of John Wesley's statue. He lived in Savannah for a while.