Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Meeting and Eating Together

My friend Alan at The Assembling of the Church has written an excellent post describing his church family's latest gathering. This church is near-and-dear to my heart because it is the church we were a part of while we lived in North Carolina for me to attend seminary. I'm so happy to see how healthy (biblical) this church is being. In their latest gathering, they came together for bible discussion, fellowship, and eating - at the same time! It sounds fascinating and exciting. Click here to read about it.


Jeffrey said...

This is helpful to me. I've always struggled with the Lord's supper, and seen it as a meal vs. a ritual, but had found that the meal lost some of the focus and healthy introspection of the ritual. This seems to me to be a nice balance. Thanks for the link

Eric said...


I love the thought of having a weekly meal/Lord's Supper as part of the gathering. I appreciated Alan's post as a way of seeing this worked out as a church. Alan has a lot of good stuff to say on his blog.