Saturday, April 17, 2010

Video of Dr. Mohler's Library

This is not "news," but I still find it fascinating. Dr. Mohler's library is impressive. Where does he find the time to read all these books?

Al Mohler - Study Tour from Together for the Gospel (T4G) on Vimeo.


Aussie John said...


Simple answer. He doesn't!

Obviously, some books call for reading cover to cover.

I learned, what I think was an important lesson, when I was a young (sigh) pastor: Most books in a church leaders library must be regarded as a bank deposit; withdrawing is as the need arises!

Eric said...


Mohler does set an impressive example in reading. He reads a lot and retains a high percentage of it.

What I like best about Mohler is that he is well-versed in answering the world's positions on various cultural issues.

Mainly though, I'm glad God has used him to turn Southern Seminary back to the gospel.

sosipater said...


I had the opportunity to visit Dr. Mohler's library a few years ago. Impressive indeed!

Aussie John,

I wouldn't be so quick to assume he hasn't read them all. The man can read 3-4 books in a matter of hours!