Monday, April 26, 2010

This One Counts

I've seen a lot of counters of different types that you can put on your blog, website, etc. Usually the boring looking ones are free, while the nice ones cost something. Well, I've stumbled upon the good looking and free counter that you see above. As a bonus, it is easy to customize and install. A couple of days ago I put one on the side bar of my blog. Anyway, if you are interested, simply click on the link under the globe.

Like anything else, a counter can be a silly source of pride. We need to be careful about this. For this reason, I purposely do not keep track of how many people look at this blog. However, I do like to know where people live who look at it. It is fascinating to think about people from all around the world being able to discuss issues in blog format. For example, I've been challenged and encouraged a great deal by Aussie John at Caesura. We would never have communicated if not for the blog world.

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