Thursday, April 8, 2010

"Knowing Scripture"

I think we have all run into many scripture passages that we have struggled to understand. Much of the difficulty for me comes down to how to correctly interpret the passage.

We would agree that understanding how to interpret the bible is of utmost importance. However, how do we in fact do this?

R.C. Sproul has written a helpful little book on this topic. In Knowing Scripture, Sproul tackles the subject in an easy-to-read manner that would be helpful for any student of the scriptures. I would be pleased to recommend this book to anyone interested in biblical interpretation.

In reading this book, I appreciated most what Sproul had to say about what he refers to as creation ordinances. In dealing with how to interpret cultural issues, Sproul writes, "Appeals to creation ordinances reflect stipulations a covenant God makes with humanity. The laws of creation are not given to a Hebrew person or a Christian person or a Corinthian person, but are rooted in basic human responsibility to God. To set principles of creation aside as mere local custom is the worst kind of relativizing and dehistoricizing of the biblical content. Yet it is precisely at this point that many scholars have relativized scriptural principles." (pg. 125)

This book would be a good addition to any library. It is worth the short time it will take to read.


KeeperatHome said...

Sean and I really benefited from reading this book a few years ago. It gives helpful rules of thumb for interpreting scripture that I continue to apply. Also, it's an easy read with relevant examples.

In Christ, Talya

Eric said...


I agree. I've found that most books on biblical interpretation are so thick and complicated that they are, ironically, difficult to interpret themselves. This book was a breath of fresh air. I'm glad you found it helpful, too.