Thursday, April 22, 2010

Go Tebow!

As a fan of the Georgia Bulldogs (Dawgs), it is difficult to like anything associated with the Florida Gators. There is one exception. That exception is Tim Tebow.

Tonight is the first round of the NFL draft. I'm rooting for Tebow to be selected high. The reason is simple: I like Tim Tebow (even though he played college for the evil empire).

I like Tebow for a couple of reasons. First, he is not ashamed of his Christian faith. Tebow is a follower of Christ and tells people about it. He also lives it out. He does not subscribe to the ridiculous, modern idea that "faith should be private."

Second, Tebow is a genuinely likable person. I have read several articles by different sports writers that tell of the writers' first meetings with Tebow. They almost all said that they expected to dislike him at least to a degree because of his strong beliefs. However, they all (and I mean all) said that they really liked him. He is just a very nice person.

It will be interesting to see which team selects him in the draft and how high he is taken. Some teams are scared off by his beliefs, while others want him mainly to help with ticket sales (see the Jacksonville Jaguars).

No matter where he goes, Tebow is in the spotlight. This is because he believes something that goes against the grain, but at the same time he is nicer than almost everybody else.

To read a secularist's take on Tebow, click here. The writer of this article clearly does not understand Christianity. He describes Tebow like this, "Tim Tebow is a good man. A selfless man. A man whose life is filled with stories of a goodness so rare and pure in an athlete it is hard to imagine that he could be for real."

In hearing Tebow talk, he knows that he is not good, but his Savior (Jesus Christ) is. The writer of this article doesn't understand this. Maybe that is why so many people dislike Tebow in spite of what a nice guy he is. They think Tebow thinks that he is better than they are. They couldn't be farther from the truth.

I hope Tebow gets drafted high and goes on to a long and good career in the NFL. This is my hope because I know he will not be shy about what he believes. While sharing his faith, he will also be very nice about it.

We need more people in the church like Tebow who will both claim Christ and live for Christ.

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