Saturday, June 21, 2014

Homosexuality Series Summary

Homosexuality is here to stay. We followers of Jesus Christ must know how to respond appropriately to this issue. Far too often the church falls into the trap of letting culture dictate what we believe about things. As for homosexuality, some Christians have already welcomed it completely, while others act as if all homosexuals are the worst people on the planet. Instead of following our secular culture's path, let's let God direct us through scripture. When we look in the bible we read many helpful principles for how we should deal best with homosexuality. This series is my simple attempt to look at some of these principles. Click on any link below to read the article:

1. God Loves Homosexuals
2. We Must Love Homosexuals
3. We All Sin Every Day
4. Homosexuals Are Individuals
5. Homosexuality Is Sin (the Action, Not the Attraction)
6. Love Does Not Equal Acceptance of Behavior
7. Let's Befriend Homosexuals
8. This Is a Gospel Issue
9. Focus on New Testament Passages
10. We Must Not Give In On Homosexuality

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