Thursday, June 12, 2014

10. We Must Not Give In On Homosexuality

In this blog post title the word "We" refers to the church. We simply cannot afford to give in on this issue.

It saddens me a great deal that many Christians have already caved. Several large denominations have recently given approval to the gay lifestyle (as if denominations have the right to do this). It amounts to a surrender to societal pressures and political correctness. It stems from allowing feelings to trump scripture.

As Christ's followers, we cannot afford to follow this cultural trend. The gospel itself is at stake. I do not consider this hyperbole.

Why is the gospel at stake? Let me clarify. The truth of the gospel is not at stake; God has made it true. This will never change. However, our understanding of the gospel is at stake. For most of us the gospel was transmitted to us by someone else. We heard it through the medium of speech. However, we know it to be true because of what we read in the bible. Additionally, the Holy Spirit testifies to our hearts that what we read about the gospel in the scriptures is true.

The bible is a book of words. Words have meaning. Sentences and especially paragraphs have even more meaning. The scripture writers did not intend to be confusing. They wrote in a straightforward manner with an intention that those reading it and listening to it being read would understand it. Why else write anything?

The bible is clear on the gospel. We can easily understand what it says. The bible is also clear on homosexuality. Like the gospel, we can easily understand what the scriptures say about the gay lifestyle.

In order to say that homosexuality is valid, Christians have to say that the bible is not actually clear on homosexuality. I already had one commenter on this blog series say that. My response: poppycock. The wording is clear enough for a middle school student to understand it. In fact, the bible is as clear on homosexuality as it is on the gospel.

Here's the key: if we say that the bible is not clear on homosexuality, then to be consistent we also have to say that the bible is not clear on the gospel itself. If we give in on homosexuality, we may as well throw out the gospel. If we cannot understand the one, the other will soon follow.

The bible is clear. If we are going to be people of the book, we absolutely cannot cave in on homosexuality. No matter how hard society pushes us, we must take a stand on this issue. The gospel itself is at stake.


Aussie John said...


Good articles.

We have to recognize that what God says is sin, is sin, and that homosexuality is no more, or, no less, than sin.

We have to recognize that it is no more, or, no less sinful than any of the sin we sinners easily define as sinful, often being blind to our own sin towards homosexuals.

Arthur Sido said...

Yes to this whole series.

Randi Jo :) said...

I think you hit the nail on the head --- the homosexuality debate is really just a symptom of the deeper debate going on in our world and in our hearts about the Bible. I wonder the % of christians who actually read the Bible & believe in its accuracy & the translations being accurate? It's known that 'preachers' don't preach to teach the Word anymore. Parents don't teach it to their children.

add on to that the internet which gives 5 different interpretations for any one topic. we have had enough "scholars" give confusion over translations - what did it "really" mean. What's the hebrew word here.

At the root of this issue - is the sad state of biblical illiteracy we have in our world and among His people.

we need people who are mature in the Word to prove it's validity up close & personal with others. people have enough information and ways to search it out on the internet...they need examples & those with wisdom who are living it out and will prove the Word to them in a life living it. that's what the internet scholars can not offer!! When the Word is lived out and can be proven true by the lives of those who have it in them - that's when more will humble themselves under it again.

and these debates will go back to where they belong - secondary issues. not the forefront of our community.