I'm thrilled to be the editor of Simple Church: Unity Within Diversity.

The original idea for this book stemmed from a blog post I wrote entitled What I'm For. After reading that post, Jeremy Myers suggested that we put together a book based on those ideas. We decided from the beginning that we wanted to craft a book that is generally positive in nature. Our hope for the book is that it will lead to discussion, understanding, and increased unity within the broader body of Christ.

Neither of us had the time to write an entire book; therefore, we came up with a better idea. We would ask several other Christians involved in simple church life if they would participate by writing a chapter. In the end we have twenty-four different contributors. One of the strengths of this book is the variety of the writers. We live not only all over the USA, but also around the globe. We are male and female. We have all sorts of different jobs. We come from various church backgrounds. We certainly do not all agree on everything.

This book deals with a wide range of topics that we believe are important. We do not cover everything related to simple church life; however, if you read this book you will gain a better understanding of many of the things we believe are critical to church life. I hope you enjoy it!

You can purchase this book in paperback form at Amazon. It is also available in Kindle format.

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