My name is Eric Carpenter. Like many of you, I'm a pilgrim following after Jesus. This blog's title is inspired by John Bunyan's classic book The Pilgrim's Progress.

First and foremost, by the grace of God I am a follower of Jesus Christ. He is my Lord and my King. I am amazed every day that I have the honor and privilege of knowing, serving, and enjoying Him.

God has blessed me beyond measure in this life. He has given me the best woman in the world (Alice) to be my wife. That's us in the photo above. God has granted us the gift of three wonderful children and one granddaughter.

In 2006, after I graduated from seminary, God sent our family to South Asia to serve Him. After only four months overseas, we noticed that our son had a swelling on his neck. He was diagnosed with a form of Lymphoma, which forced us out of Asia and into hospital life back here in the USA. We praise the Lord for carrying us through that difficult time and for healing our son! In His grace, God now allows us to reside near my parents and sister in Savannah, Georgia.

After our time in Asia, I worked for two years as a Southern Baptist pastor (from 2008 to 2010). I resigned from the pastorate under very good conditions. I'm grateful to God for those two years and cherish the friends we made.

In His providence, God has provided me with employment at JCB here in Savannah.

My goal in life is to glorify God and enjoy him forever. The purpose of this blog is to encourage each other through lively and challenging discussion as we travel together in life with Christ.