What I'm For

(Simple Church: Unity Within Diversity was originally inspired by this post.)

This is a list, in no particular order, of what I'm for when it comes to the church:

1. A Church that honors the Triune God in all aspects of life

2. A Church that cherishes Jesus Christ above all things

3. A Church of equal laity with Christ as the one and only Head

4. A Church that follows the lead of the Holy Spirit in all things

5. A Church that is most notable for its love

6. A Church that is united in Christ

7. A Church that knows that it is saved through the gospel of grace alone through faith alone

8. A Church that easily forgives when wronged

9. A Church that sacrificially cares for the needy and suffering both inside and outside the church

10. A Church that unashamedly proclaims the truth of the gospel in an understandable way

11. A Church that sees each Christian as a brother or sister and each non-Christian as a potential brother or sister

12. A Church that lets nothing hinder the taking of the gospel to the ends of the earth and works with all Christians everywhere to make this happen

13. A Church that accepts suffering as a part of the Christian life

14. A Church that gives liberally and generously but not out of compulsion

15. A Church that spends the majority of its giving on others

16. A Church that clings to scriptural truth in all aspects of life

17. A Church that views itself as a people

18. A Church that stuns broader society by its good works

19. A Church that dies for others

20. A Church that seeks justice for the wrongly treated

21. A Church that is composed of peacemakers

22. A Church that exhibits personal holiness and self-control

23. A Church that gathers simply

24. A Church that assembles for the purpose of mutual edification

25. A Church that embraces each member as a key component of the body

1 comment:

Aussie John said...


I've prayed for that Church. I've sought for that Church for almost seventy years. I've taught to see that Church be a reality.

The "living stones" are the problem. They are imperfect,like me! Thank God that was the reason for the Incarnation!

What you and I are for is a touch of heaven!