Tuesday, June 3, 2014

6. Love Does Not Equal Acceptance of Behavior

This blog post is part of my continuing series entitled Ten Thoughts on Homosexuality.

Our culture has foisted upon us something that is both interesting and troubling. Secular society has made it clear that the only way to show love to homosexuals is to accept their behavior as completely valid in every way. Anyone who has anything negative whatsoever to say against the homosexual lifestyle is labeled a bigot and a hater. The culture no longer tolerates or allows the idea that we could love the homosexual but hate their sin.

In the bible we read a far different story. In looking at the life of Jesus Christ, we see him again and again come into contact with people in sin. Jesus always treats them with grace. He also always confronts them about their sin. The woman at the well in John chapter four is a prime example.

Jesus Christ knew that it would actually be unloving to leave people in their sins. To confront them was the right thing to do. Jesus understood the power and significance of sin so well that he died to pay for sin. In his earthly ministry Christ never failed to talk to people about sin in their lives. Because he loved them he did this.

As we think about loving homosexuals, we must be careful not to fall into our culture's trap. We can and must remember that homosexuality is sin. While we lovingly serve and get to know homosexuals, we cannot ever accept their lifestyle as right or valid. This, of course, does not mean that we must confront them with their sin on every occasion. However, when the Spirit leads, we must make it clear that we both love them and do not accept their behavior as right and good.

Culture must not ever be allowed to determine what we think about issues such as this. Instead, we follow Christ's example of loving everyone but accepting no sin.