Church Defined

I'm convinced that many Christians do not know what the church is. Many others who do know what it is still struggle mightily to define it. A while back I challenged the readers of this blog to define the church in ten words or less. Short definitions demand clarity of thought. I like the definition I used on that blog post and stick with it today. My definition of church:

"A supernatural community on mission with Father, Son, and Spirit."

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Unknown said...

I agree. Increasingly, most Christians and people in general do not have anything close to a Biblical understanding of "What is Church". For over ten years now, I have been studying and praying about: "What Is Church", "Why Is Church", and "How Should Church Function". Beginning in 2008, I spent about a year and one-half with four other men from various theological backgrounds looking at every verse and it's Biblical context where church/ekklesia is mentioned. Read numerous books by varied authors, collected numerous definitions for "Church" .... Have yet to come to/find a thoroughly satisfying definition. My off the cuff response would be:

People, God's people, sometimes gathered physically, most time not.