Friday, June 6, 2014

7. Let's Befriend Homosexuals

Many Christians do not know any homosexuals. Even fewer Christians have homosexual friends. This is extremely problematic.

If the only homosexuals we see are on television, then we fail to see homosexuals as they are. Homosexuals are individuals. They are not primarily a political group fighting a culture was (although the culture war is real). Rather, they are primarily people going about their busy lives.

Jesus saw people as individuals. He spent time with people. He befriended them. In light of this, what does it say of us if we avoid homosexuals?

In order to actually see homosexuals as they are, we must make an effort to befriend them. I'm not talking about anything artificial here. I'm referring to getting to know homosexuals either at work or in the neighborhood. If you don't know of any, then pray that God will bring some into your comings and goings.

We make the greatest impact in life on those who are our friends. If our goal is to share Jesus Christ with homosexuals, then friendship is the best context in which to do this. Friends listen to what we say; culture warriors do not.

What I'm suggesting is neither easy nor comfortable (although it may be). However, it is what we must do. As Christ's ambassadors, we have a great privilege and duty. We are to care for the poor and hurting. Many homosexuals are hurting in many ways. We are also to share the only truly good news in this world. We know the one person who can free homosexuals from their sinful behavior. It is within friendships that we will be most effective.

Let's do it.

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Aussie John said...


Your so right! Most Christians of my acquaintance have never understood that being a sinner, such as you and I, is bearing spiritual wounds.

The ONLY anddifference between you and I, and the homosexual, is that we have been given tho most amazing blessing of having Christ carry our wounds to the cross at Calvary!