Monday, February 28, 2011

A Sign for All of Us

I was looking at various church-related signs on the internet when I came upon this one.  I like it because it applies to all Christians.  Once Jesus becomes our Lord and Savior we have direct access to God.  This makes us all priests.  Jesus expects His followers to live lives of servanthood, which is what being a deacon means.  So if you are a follower of Christ and see this sign, feel free to park next to it.


Richard Swartz said...

But it is only intended for the ultra-select elect (!) who have golden auras around their heads and the sounds of an angelic choir flooding the air in their immediate presence...?

I'm missing something here I think.

Eric said...


I'm just poking fun at the silliness of the sign. I'm sure that some churches have signs like this one specifically for their special few priests and deacons. I'm simply making the point that since we are are really priests and deacons (according to scripture), then we should all be able to park next to a sign like this.