Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Read the Comments Too

I encourage you to read both Thabiti Anyabwile's response to the critique of his book chapter and the comments that follow.  The discussion is enlightening.


reformedlostboy said...

I subscribed via email. I don't think I'll add anymore as I don't want to be contentious but I am keeping up with the conversation.

Eric said...


I've stayed out of it because I think he probably is responding to my blog post.

It is interesting to read the common threads of thought in the comments. Most of the folks are pointing to problems with the monologue style preaching instead of cheering him on.

Arthur Sido said...

Thabiti has been quite gracious to the comments that have been almost universally opposed to what he is saying. I respect him for that, one can only imagine the response to those comments from other corners of the Reformed blogosphere.

(btw, the just asserted in response to me that 2 Tim 4: 1-2 is an exhortation for Timothy to preach to the church)

Eric said...


Thabiti truly does seem like a gracious man. He displays a godly attitude when challenged; that's something we should all learn from.

As for his exegesis and interpretation of these passages, we'll just have to disagree with him. II Tim. 4:1-2, as you pointed out, nowhere even implies that this occurs in the gathering of the body, much less in a 30 minute sermon. Also, I do wish he would interact more directly with the Acts 20 passage.