Tuesday, March 1, 2011

God the Great Provider

God has answered our prayers for a job!

I'm thrilled to say that yesterday I received a phone call from JCB here in Savannah. I initially thought the call was simply to set up an interview. Instead, the man offered me a job on the spot. I start orientation on Monday.

I'd love to be able to tell you that I've been faithful to God through these trying months. The reality is that my faith has wavered at times. I praise the Lord that He, in His great, surpassing grace, never fails us.

God was under no obligation to provide this job. He simply did it because He is always perfectly loving, merciful, providential, and absolutely sovereign.

This setting should provide numerous opportunities to get to know many different people. I'm looking forward to interacting with both lost and saved folks at the job site. Since my position will involve assembly of large equipment, I won't be talking all the time. Still, there should be ample opportunity to build relationships.

Thank you so much for your prayers about this.

God has once again shown Himself to be the great provider.


Karen Kyle Ericson said...

Congratulations! That's very exciting. Yup when you're a servant, you never know what you're next assignment will be. It'll unfold naturally :)

Aussie John said...


Great God! Good gear. Interesting job. Reward for effort. Praise the Lord!

Eric said...


Thank you. I'm really looking forward to the opportunities.

Eric said...


Thanks. I appreciate your prayers and encouragement. I'm so grateful to the Lord for His faithfulness despite my faults.

Tim A said...

Praise God - the giver of every good gift!!!
Now that you have a job will there no longer be any need for as much faith in the provider God? Of course, not, this job and everything else in your life will call for even greater amounts of faith. As you continue to mutually "exhort one another daily" (Heb. 3) you will not walk the wide path into unbelief.

Eric said...


Thank you! I agree. We must continue to always live by faith and not by sight.

Anonymous said...

Like you once said to me, "This is good (and expected!) news. Thanks be to God.

Eric said...

Thanks Micah. You are correct.

I'll be honest. It's been a lot easier in the past to tell others that God would provide for them than to believe it for myself. I'm glad that His grace does not depend on our faithfulness.

Ur Man CD said...

Great news, Eric - congratulations, glad to see answers to prayers. Hope it will be the springboard to more answered prayers, like making the most of the workplace to share Jesus.

Eric said...

Ur Man,

Thanks! Yes, I am really looking forward to the opportunity to live for Christ in this setting. I'm praying for chances to serve others and witness to the glory of Jesus Christ.