Sunday, February 6, 2011

On Missing Fellowship

I've been battling the flu - and losing - for the past five days.  Most of our family is now sick with one thing or another.  Because of this we are not able to gather with our church friends today.  I really wish we could be there.

Something special happens when the church comes together.  If you have ever been a part of a loving church family, then you know what I'm talking about.  The gathering is far more than an encouragement-club of some kind.  When the church gathers, Christ is truly present with us.  He shows Himself to us through our interactions with others.

As we speak with one another, we hear from Christ.  This is one of the reasons we must be conscientious about what we say to one another. We should be preaching the word, as Timothy was instructed, in order to exhort, encourage, admonish, teach, etc. our brothers and sisters.  In mutual fashion, we should anticipate hearing from them as well.

The church is obviously about much more than simply the gathering.  It is ultimately about Jesus Christ and His glory. However, we seem to experience Christ most fully when we come together to share in prayer, song, word, fellowship, and meal.  This is living the divine life in community. As we mutually edify one another, we can then go forth in holy living, service to others, and joyful proclamation of the good news of Christ crucified and resurrected.

My hope is that somehow during the busyness of this coming week I'll be able to see my friends.  It's a struggle with so many schedules to coordinate. That's one reason why the weekly gathering is so beneficial - all the body parts can be present together.

I miss our fellowship.  Right now as I write this (noon) we would probably be discussing scripture and/or heading into the Lord's Supper.  As is, I'm relegated to my house/infirmary.

I'm thankful to the Lord for today.  It is a good reminder to me of how important Christian fellowship is.


Aussie John said...


Sorry you are not well. Be assured of my prayers.

Your absence may be just what the church family needed.

Eric said...


"Your absence may be just what the church family needed." You may be exactly right. God is sovereign after all and has greater purposes than we could ever imagine.

Alan Knox said...


We were out of town last weekend, so missed meeting together with our brothers and sisters on Sunday also. However, we often spend time with one another, serve others together, and exhort one another on other days of the week, so Sunday is less of a focus for us.