Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Quick Addendum

Just a quick thought related to yesterday's post:

I don't know any family that A) takes part in simple church life and B) has kids who are school-aged who C) does not home school their kids.  I can't think of even one.  I'm not sure what this means, but it struck me as interesting.


Alan Knox said...


If we are considered "simple church life" (and I think we are... usually), then I know of at least one family who participates in simple church life, who has kids who are school-aged, and who does not home school their kids.


Eric said...


That's interesting. I'd love to hear how they came to their decisions regarding both church and school.

Steve Scott said...

Eric, do any of these families have older children who are college students? I think it's odd that staunch homeschoolers can invert their views when their kids are between the ages of 18 1/4 and 18 1/2. :)

Eric said...


I obviously can't speak for all home schoolers, but one thing we have had to answer is at what our children become adults. While I don't think that occurs overnight, at some point kids have to have more of an encounter with the secular world. We think that the younger a child is, the more important home schooling is. As they get older, integration in the culture becomes more important and appropriate. Our daughter, who is a home schooled senior, will be living with us but attending a secular university here in Savannah in the fall. I don't really know how it will go because I'm not sure if they will have a program she likes. However, she'll be out there in the world.

Mark said...


I can speak as one involved in "simple church life", in its most primitive stages, whose children will likely go to public school. I will speak to it from two standpoints.

First, I will say that in my opinion, ideally, home schooling is the ideal model. In my mind's eye I see the body of Christ acting in an independent manner in regards to business, education and other areas. There is such synergy to be had as we all combine our particular giftings to educate our children in a Godly manner and environment. I am keenly aware, as well, that there are those home-schooling their children in the absence of such support, but the former is the ideal, at least in my mind.

Having said that, when my son goes to school this summer he will likely attend a public school. There are several reasons for this, and I am sure there are those out there that may question my reasons, and insist that my priorities are mixed up, and I would understand their thoughts. Here are my reasons:

1. At our current stage in life neither my wife nor I are in a position to provide a complete education to a child. Although I am sure there are those with more on their plate than us, that still homeschool their kids, we are personally not at a place where we feel we can do that.

2. There is a lack of fellow-homeschoolers in our area. If our son is homeschooled his only social interaction will be with us, as there is no cooperative locally, and the people we currently fellowship with do not have children his age. Having grown up an only child for 5 years, spending much of his time around older people in our businesses, he is desperate for playtime with kids his age. To homeschool him and deprive him of that social interaction would be detrimental to his emotional and social development, as he already struggles with some social anxieties. In many ways he is mature beyond his years, but in these areas he needs support.

3. We are blessed to live in an area with a very good public school. The town we live in is a community of about 4-5,000 people and the school system here is not good. In the western part of the county, however, is a smaller district, where administration keeps very close tabs on the kids, and a greater percentage of parents are involved with their kids as well. It is as wholesome of an environment as we'll find around here, without sending our kids to a private school (which is still an option we consider). So, we feel we have an alternative environment that is safe and wholesome for him, and will provide a good social structure for him to thrive in.

So, those are the reasons. Again, I pray that some day it will be widely feasible locally for all believers to homeschool their children. For now we do the best we can, and pray that our involvement in the public school system will serve as a witness to our son's peers and other parents.

Thanks for listening!


Eric said...


Thank you for sharing you situation on this blog. It's clear that you have given this much thought and desire to please the Lord through it. I hope it all goes well for you and your family.

Thanks again.