Thursday, September 24, 2015

Um, Yes, Sharing the Gospel Does Require Words

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Tim A said...

You have to understand what Ligon Duncan means by "preach the gospel daily". He means lecture the gospel in strict one way communication for 30-45 minutes. This is what he has devoted his life to as a pastor. This is the only kind of preaching any believer will see him setting the example in doing. This dynamic is the exact opposite example of what the Bible means by "preach the gospel". The lecture the gospel by mostly hired experts in mostly American churches is the most highly funded ministry the the world has ever known. Most Americans have heard 500 - 1500 gospel lectures but are so little equipped to offer the gospel themselves in two-way communication with the lost that surround them. Lecture the gospel is a completely false display of the gospel because the God of the gospel is ALWAYS a two-way communication God. These Bible experts are very sincere but are completely wrong in what they display and in their claims that they are "equipping" God's people to give the gospel.
Consider these contrasts between the hired expert and the "layman".
one way communication vs two-way communication
Full salary vs Free of charge
30 hrs a week preparation vs immediate readiness
Zero questions for clarification vs ready to answer any question or objection

Unbelievers are weary of the gospel words because of this long standing tradition of lecturing the Bible with zero relationship connection. Much of our gospel presentations are strings of cliche's that are loaded with words that require 3 years of sitting in church to even know what they mean. Ligon Duncan is a bad example of what it means to "preach the gospel".