Saturday, September 5, 2015

September Will Now Be Deemed "Every Christian Who Is Not A Pastor Appreciation Month"

Clergy elevation is a massive, ubiquitous, and damaging problem within the church as a whole. For some reason that I do not comprehend, pastors are generally thought of as extremely hard working folks who have very difficult jobs and receive little praise or recognition (nothing could be farther from the truth). In part because of this line of thinking, someone came up with the idea of "Pastor Appreciation Month."

Each October many institutional churches, at least in the USA, go out of their way to tell and show their pastors how much they love them. Now, nothing is inherently wrong with this; however, it often acts to further draw the distinction between clergy and laity and also elevates the clergy even farther than they already are.

Everyone else within the church is just as important as pastors. I Corinthians chapter twelve makes it abundantly clear that every single person within the church is critical to the healthy functioning of the church. Therefore, let's do something to recognize all believers. Therefore, the month of September will now be a time to encourage, elevate, and champion everybody except pastors within the church. This will be deemed "Every Christian Who Is Not A Pastor Appreciation Month." Feel free to tell your friends.


Tim A said...

Very good idea. Perhaps you should specify "Every Christian who is not in the office of pastor..." There are many business men who are gifted as pastor and function as true relational shepherds but have no title or office because there are still businessmen. They don't even know they are pastors even though they are doing it. This added distinction allows for pastoring, true pastoring that is never known as pastoring.

Eric said...


That is a good idea. You are spot on that many men do pastor others in an excellent way.