Saturday, February 7, 2015

What Bible Versions We Use

About a week ago I asked What Version of the Bible Do You Use? Thank you to those who answered the question. In case you are wondering, I like to read from both the ESV and the NKJV.

The results from this informal poll are as follows (with me included): ESV - 4, NIV - 4, NASB - 3, NKJV - 2, YLT - 2, ISV - 1, and The Message - 1. As a small group, we choose to read from quite a variety of versions (The Message is a paraphrase).

My guess is that if we asked the entire church in this country this same question we would receive similar results. Although we speak the same language, we read various versions for various reasons.

As I ponder these results I'm struck by three things:

1. We are greatly blessed to have so many excellent translations at our disposal.

2. Even though we read different versions, we are united (or at least ought to be).

3. Most importantly, we serve the same Lord Jesus Christ.

An additional blessing is that all of these translations contain the same content. We do not have to be confused about any important doctrines because all solid versions present us with the same information. Thanks be to God!


Neil Braithwaite said...

"...all of these translations contain the same content."

This statement is basically true in that the bibles you list were mostly translated from the same or similar Greek transcripts. However, in many cases, you will find differences in translations of specific Greek words that can and are use to benefit a specific doctrine. The biggest example is the translation the word "ekklesia" as "church."

"We do not have to be confused about any important doctrines because all solid versions present us with the same information."

With all due respect brother Eric, this statement is a loaded bomb. I've spoken to many many people (Both believers and non-believers) who site that they are greatly confused about all the "different" doctrines/beliefs of the many denominations. And many of the believers I know use some of these same bible translations.

If you use "same information" to mean "correct interpretation," then it all boils-down to proper "Exegesis" or interpretation based on "Eisegesis." And it can be confidently said that the mass exodus out of "man's church," of which you are a part, is based on this fact.

Eric said...


Correct interpretation is as important as having solid bible translations. No argument there.