Friday, February 20, 2015

"If I Had Lunch With C.S. Lewis"

I love C.S. Lewis. He is one of my favorite authors. I cherish a number of his books including Mere Christianity, The Great Divorce, and The Screwtape Letters. The Chronicles of Narnia are also great fun.

When I saw If I Had Lunch With C.S. Lewis I knew I needed to buy it ("need" might be a bit strong; I really wanted to buy it). The book's subtitle tells what it is all about: "Explaining the Ideas of C.S. Lewis on the Meaning of Life."

Author Alister McGrath paints a picture of what it would be like to sit down with Lewis over a series of lunches to discuss a variety of topics. These include friendship, the importance of stories, apologetics, education, suffering, and hope. McGrath also spends a chapter on my favorite Lewis character - Aslan.

This book is a mix of biography and conversation focusing on the life and thoughts of Lewis. It is a fairly small text and an easy read. I recommend it.

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