Wednesday, February 18, 2015

7 Steps for How Christians Should Respond to Muslims

Below are seven concrete steps we followers of Jesus Christ should take when interacting with those who claim Islam as their faith:

1. Love Muslims.

2. Befriend Muslims.

3. Sacrificially serve Muslims.

4. Live holy lives in front of Muslims.

5. Willingly die for Muslims.

6. Do not retaliate against Muslims.

7. Share the Gospel with Muslims.


Eddie Eddings said...

I have been living in Kuwait for the past six years. I am doing all of those steps (except for number 5 on the list). I just need more grace-filled practice and holy boldness with number 7.

Eric said...

Hang in there Eddie. Keep doing what you can. My guess is that God is pleased by your efforts!

Neil Braithwaite said...

I was shocked when I watched Bill O'Reilly's guests - Pastor Robert Jeffress and Catholic Father Gerald Murray - call for President Obama to use the military try and "eradicate" the Islam terrorists.

It seems these "men of God" are having a tough time dealing with the persecution Jesus said we should expect. Problem is, the last time I checked Jesus' teachings on the subject, He said not to repay evil with evil, to walk the extra mile when forced to walk a mile, to love our enemies - not hate them, and to pray for those same enemies.

This is the absolute worst display of Christian behavior I have seen. So-called "Christian" leaders calling for the government to kill their enemies.

This is no different than when the Jews called for Rome to crucify Jesus, and when the Catholic "church" used the government to kill those who opposed their doctrines.

Eric said...


You are right on target. What a shame it is. It shows an absolute lack of understanding on their part of some of Jesus' most basic teachings.

They must be reading from their "manual of man's traditions" instead of from the bible.