Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Reason #4 - Professional Pastors' Salaries Place a Massive Financial Burden Upon the Church

Every church family must decide how to give. An important, specific aspect of this is how to give money away and who should receive it. When we look in the bible we see churches sacrificially giving in order to assist the poor and needy. Today we largely see something far different.

In the modern church one group of people receives FAR more money from the church than anyone else. That group is pastors. For example, when I was employed as a pastor my "package" made up a full 1/3 of the church's total budget! Soon after I realized this I knew I could not remain in that position much longer.

Because of the enormous weight that pastoral salaries place upon the church, all professional pastors should resign immediately. This would free up millions upon millions of dollars that the church in this country could then give to those who truly need it.

(This post is part four in my blog series 25 Reasons Professional Pastors Should Resign.)

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Neil Braithwaite said...

Eric -You nailed it!

"If WE sowed spiritual things in you, is it too much if WE reap material things from you? If others share the right over you, do WE not more? Nevertheless, WE DID NOT USE THIS RIGHT, but WE endure all things so that WE will CAUSE NO HINDRANCE to the gospel of Christ." 1 Corinthians 9:11-12

For you recall, brethren, our labor and hardship, how working night and day so as not to be a [FINANCIAL] BURDEN to any of you, we proclaimed to you the gospel of God. 1 Thessalonians 2:9

Interestingly, and contrary to what these two passages clearly imply, corporate church leaders and the majority of their congregation members contend that vocational (Salaried and non-itinerant) pastors of local congregations are, in fact, a part of the group Paul identified as having a personal right to get their living from the gospel. However, their strongly held belief on this issue does not nullify the facts of Paul's teachings on this matter or his clear warning to itinerant preachers, local vocational pastors or anyone who may feel called to "the ministry" regarding the negative consequences that exercising one's personal right to material compensation may have on the gospel and the Ekklesia. Specifically, hinder the gospel of Christ by giving the appearance of impropriety because pastors seem to only be in it for the money because they benefit financially by preaching (Provide a service) for "pay." And also, vocational pastors financially burden the local Ekklesia by taking money given to the "church" for ministry to the poor and lost and instead, use it to supply the pastor and his family's financial needs first.