Friday, January 7, 2011

Not Publishing All Comments

I don't publish all comments that people leave on this blog. The reason for this is that some comments simply go over the line of what is acceptable.

I'm happy to publish comments from folks who disagree with me. That's not an issue at all. Frankly, it would be a bit dull if all the discussion here was in complete agreement.

The comments I refuse to post are those that are overly-critical and/or mean-spirited attacks. There is no place for this in the Christian blogosphere.

There is a way to critique something without becoming personal about it. We all need to work on this at least a little in our writing.

As for specifics of what I'll publish, personal attacks are going the way of the Dodo.

Let me provide examples of what I will publish and what I won't publish.

Will publish: "I believe today's typical worship services deviate significantly from what we see in scripture. They do not allow for majority participation and place only a few people in prominent positions. The scripted nature of the services actually keeps people from being able to use their spiritual gifts to edify one another. Because of these problems, I hope churches will begin to ask questions about and consider significant changes to their weekly gatherings."

Won't publish: "Worship services are a total waste of time. The pastors put the services together in a way so that only they get to be in front. They lust for power and enjoy the thrill of preaching to their flock. The people, more than willing to let 'the experts' lead the service, happily sit passively and day dream about lunch and football. This is a co-dependent relationship than simply makes Satan smile."

Please don't bother leaving attacking comments; they won't get published. Instead, please leave comments that are constructive and edifying. Focus on practices as opposed to motivation. Above all, let's seek to honor God even in something as simple as the blog world.


Aussie John said...


Very astute and wise!

Eric said...


My desire for this blog is that it become more positive in tone. I have failed in this myself sometimes.

I continue to desire to have healthy discussion and even debate, but my hope is that all conversation will be full of grace. In order to do this, I've got to block all unhelpful comments.

Thanks for the compliment!

reformedlostboy said...

Eric, I could do a better job myself in this. Both commenting and moderating comments. But I think you give the dodo a bum wrap...first divisive denominations and now unhealthy comments. Poor dodo!

Eric said...


I didn't mean to burden the Dodo in such a way. Poor bird.

Scott said...

Brother Eric,
Just wanted to say that I appreciate the way in which you blog and dialog with your contributers. AT times you deal with controversial topics and even put out some very challenging thoughts and considerations, yet when folks disagree you continue to be gracious while defending your position. It's the way interactive blogs should work. Furthermore I respect you not posting "attack" comments - they do not edify the body. Love you Brother, Scott ><>

Eric said...


Thanks. I would like to more consistent in this.

Part of the struggle is that the discussing of important issues often quickly leads to high emotions. This, in turn, leads some to leave comments that just aren't beneficial. My goal is to generate healthy, challenging discussion that also honors God.