Sunday, December 19, 2010

New Blog Design

I've changed the look of the blog because I wanted to make the design more Christo-centric. As I was perusing the Blogger designs, I came across this one that looks remarkably like Lord's Supper elements. Although it does not show the rest of the feast, I believe it's still a reminder of what Jesus has accomplished for us on the cross. The bread is even Matzo and the cup appears to contain (gasp!) wine.

My hope is that when we glance upon the blog we will remember Christ's substitutionary work on the cross.


Arthur Sido said...

Shouldn't it be little plastic cups and oyster crackers?

Eric said...

Hmmm. That might have been more authentic.

Steve Scott said...

Or San Francisco sourdough and Napa Valley merlot. :)

Eric, did you switch to the "Simple" Blogger template? How is it working so far?

Eric said...


I did switch to the simple blogger. It's working fine thus far.