Friday, December 3, 2010

Midlife Crisis?

Let's see: I just turned 40 years old, my hair is "thinning," weight is getting increasingly more difficult to lose, and I quit my job last month. That sounds like a recipe for a midlife crisis.

A few days ago one of my kids playfully asked me if I had ever had a midlife crisis. I responded, "I'm having one now." The reality is, however, that this is nothing of the sort.

The whole idea of the "midlife crisis" is simply a way of our society trying to explain away self-centered people (usually men) who run away from their responsibilities to pursue pleasure of various sorts. It's not any kind of legitimate mental problem; rather, it's selfishness.

My hope is that my current situation is nothing like what I've described above. I can't control my age or my balding. I'm working on the weight - inconsistently. As for the job, I resigned for reasons of conviction. I've explained that numerous times on this blog (such as here).

So is it a crisis? No. God is in control and will provide.

I'm not running away from my family or moving to Hawaii. Rather, I'm trying to serve God by living church life as we see it described in the bible.

My not being employed would be a crisis if God did not exist, was not loving, was not omnipotent, or was not faithful. He is all of these.

It's no crisis.


Jonathan said...

I think some of us can use our mid-life crisis' for good.

I see them as a lack of satisfaction with stuff that becomes too predictable for some guys. So they want to spice life up with a new car and a new woman.

I'm taking the route of unsatisfaction with the religious rut I was in. I'm wanting to put all the cards back on the table and sift through them looking for the hand I want to hold onto for the next chapter in my life.

I see a connection with mid-life crisis label. But I think it's possible to have a good mid-life crisis and come out the other side better for it.

But you are right in pointing out that God is in control, and for Him it is no crisis at all. Just a period of growth for His kids.

Eric said...

I very much agree that this can be a positive experience. So far, so good. I guess it is a crisis in that I realized something had to change. I'm thrilled that God is taking us down this path even though it is a difficult one. If this ends up being my biggest crisis, then I'm blessed.